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End-of-day quote: 2022-10-17

Is Popcorn currently in an uptrend?

According to analysts, the answer is no. Since April 7, 2022, Popcorn has been on a long-term downswing, decreasing in value by 100 percent. The 200-day moving average is currently 100 percent less than the current price, 100 percent less than the 100-day moving average, and 100% lower than the 50-day moving average.

EMA 200-day line
EMA 100-day line
EMA 50-day line
SMA 200-day line
SMA 100-day line
SMA 50-day line

The Popcorn Forecast for 2023

The one-year forecast is generally seen as the most accurate.

Some analysts were optimistic, predicting a 12-month price target of $0.00. Others were much less optimistic, with an anticipated price of $0.00.

The most recent average price target for the following year is $0.00, which is the most crucial number.

This indicates that Popcorn may rise by 1.51% over the next year.

Popcorn broke through the 25 strength line from above on and then changed into a trend, which thereby generated sell signals that lasted one month.

In we then see weak volatility for Popcorn for a longer period of time which led to negative signals for Popcorn.

The Future of Popcorn In 2025-2030

The future of Popcorn looks bright according to twelve analysts who predict that the cryptocurrency will reach $0.00 by March 2025. In five years, the price of Popcorn is expected to be $0.00, and by 2030, it is anticipated to reach $0.00.