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End-of-day quote: 2021-10-21

The question is if Whitecoin is currently on an uptrend?

According to the data, since September 12, 2021, Whitecoin has been steadily decreasing and has gone down -31.68%. Concerning the 200-day moving average line, 42.24 is currently 39.29% above it. It is also 30.41% above the 100-day moving average line and __val__% above the 50-day moving average line.

EMA 200-day line
EMA 100-day line
EMA 50-day line
SMA 200-day line
SMA 100-day line
SMA 50-day line

Predictions for the price of Whitecoin in 2023

Let's examine the one-year forecast more closely since it is the most precise of the analysts' forecasts.

Analysts were divided in their predictions for the Whitecoin price over the next year. The highest forecast predicted a one-year price target of $0.80. However, the most pessimistic forecast was $0.61.

The latest average price target for the next year is $0.70, which is the most vital figure.

This indicates a possible increase of 0.87 percent.

Whitecoin broke through the 25 strength line from above on and then changed into a trend, which thereby generated sell signals that lasted one month.

In we then see weak volatility for Whitecoin for a longer period of time which led to negative signals for Whitecoin.

Whitecoin's Prospects For 2025-2030

Whitecoin's future looks promising. According to nine analysts, Whitecoin is expected to reach $0.71 by March 2025. The five-year forecast projects that the Whitecoin price will be $0.72 by March 2027. The long-term prediction for 2030 is $0.74.