Become a Paid Investor

Publish a portfolio and let interested followers participate in your investment strategy.

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How it works

  1. Publish your portfolio.
    Investors can create a new portfolio and your performance will be calculated automatically. To show your performance of the last years or months, Qwer-Verification-Service will verify your performance and trades.
  2. Earn with every follower.
    You set a monthly subscription fee that users pay to see your portfolio and be notified when new trades are made. Investors get 60% for each follower + 20% if he came through your referral.
  3. Anyone can earn.
    Have a good return in your portfolio, show it on Qwer. Many people want to see it. You are an influencer in finance? You should use Qwer. Your followers would pay to see how you manage a portfolio.
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