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BigBear.ai Holdings Profile

BigBear.ai Holdings, Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of solutions, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, advanced analytics, offensive and defensive cyber, data management, cloud solutions, digital engineering, and systems integration, primarily with the U.S. government and its agencies. The company also serves various commercial customers.

The company organizes its products into three categories:

Observe – Helps customers collect, normalize and curate data from a variety of sources in real-time.

Orient – Uses low code, composable, distributed, and event-driven predictive analytics to uncover hidden items in raw data and make sense of incomplete data.

Dominate – Helps customers turn data into insights by recommending and evaluating multiple courses of action through data visualization and descriptive analytics.

Each of the company’s products can be sold individually or combined and sold together. The company’s contracts with the U.S. government are subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The company’s software products are widely used by government agencies in the United States to support some of the nation’s most critical national defense capabilities. The company’s defense and intelligence customers operate in information environments with unrivaled scale and complexity, and they demand the most sophisticated and capable Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Predictive Analytics.

The company supports more than 15 large customers, including some of the largest government institutions, through more than 60 unique engagements. For the year ended December 31, 2020, the company’s suite of products had over 100,000 users.

Products and Services

The company deploys its Observe, Orient, and Dominate products to customers throughout the Defense, Intelligence, and commercial markets. The entire suite of products has been designed from the ground-up as a composable, API-driven solution that can easily integrate into customers’ environments and leverage new or existing data and analytics.

The company’s products can serve as a customer’s primary tool for advanced analytics and can also supplement a customer’s existing analytics capabilities.

Observe Product: The company collects and processes enormous volumes of data to produce real-time updates to data ‘dossiers’ tailored to allow customers to know the world in which they operate. Unlike other data providers, Observe abstracts raw data into a form that is immediately understandable for consumers. Rather than large volumes of raw, disparate, multi-source data, Observe provides ‘data dossiers’ that organize observations from all source that are relevant to a specific entity—like a facility or event, thus eliminating the need for customers to make sense of data that has little or no context. Observe dossiers are an aggregation of real-time location data, news media, public communications, public social media posts, Internet services, and various other data sources that form a coherent and constantly updating view of entities across the globe. For example, Observe can reveal the existence of a facility, provide the content of posts, which reference, include a picture of and/or are sent near that facility, provide polygons of the facility’s shape, web records referencing that facility’s address, and other more detailed characteristics. This ever-increasing collection of data can be used to drive change alerts in real-time and queried for historical analysis. APIs make it easy to feed Observe data into numerous use cases and technologies. Additionally, the company’s composable architecture can easily integrate new data sources or a customer’s internal, proprietary data into Observe for a truly customized view of a customer’s operating environment.

Orient Product: Orient helps customers read between the lines with AI and ML workflows at massive scale to keep pace with real-world missions. It uses low-code, composable, distributed, and event-driven predictive analytics to uncover hidden items in raw data (for example, extracting objects from images) and run analyses to learn and expose what data can tell customers about their environment. Orient provides cutting-edge analytics steps, including computer vision, natural language processing, conflation, forecasting, and optimization, which can be easily configured into custom workflows to derive specific customer insights at scale. Tensor completion, one novel methodology powering the company’s analytics, goes well beyond traditional big data analytics and is specifically designed to make sense of disparate data sets that are periodically dirty, erroneous, or full of gaps. For example, Defense customers have applied Orient to problem sets where data sources are haphazard and achieved three times the accuracy of traditional machine learning approaches. Orient’s APIs allow the customer to plug in their own analytics and data, thus leveraging any prior investment a customer has made.

Dominate Product: Dominate is the company’s decision support solution that goes the extra mile converting data into action. Dominate starts by visualizing all the data it is pointed at, allowing users to understand their current environment through descriptive analytics. Dominate then uses auto-ML and tensor completion to create multi-domain models of customer environments, automatically learning the relationships and behaviors—effectively the ‘chains of dominoes’—which are in effect. These models allow Dominate to forecast future outcomes, identify outcome likelihood, and determine the impacts of potential decisions or ‘what-if’ scenarios. Customers can easily express potential courses of action or goals through interactive visualizations (like grabbing the future forecast line on a chart and moving it up or down), and Dominate quickly reveals the impacts of and roadmaps to those futures, enabling proactive planning towards those objectives. Dominate provides multiple levels of explanations for predictions to ensure transparency and build confidence in the predictions. These explanations reveal discovered behaviors and relationships, often exposing non-obvious insights. Dominate is data-driven, automated analyses allow it to be pointed at multiple customer problems to quickly produce actionable, scenario-specific advice on how to outmaneuver competitors and events, articulating precisely why and how various courses of actions are expected to yield the desired results. Dominate provides certainty in shaping conditions to achieve customer objectives, even in the most complex multi-domain environments.


The company’s software offerings are the product of its highly technical and specialized workforce performing advanced research and development, rapid solutions development, and analytical support for defense and intelligence customers. The accuracy, agility and scalability of the company’s products are the direct result of the company building custom solutions that excel in the most challenging customer environments. The company’s service-based offerings, especially for Government customers, are critical for two reasons, such as building intimate customer relationships that allow the company to design products that are directly applicable to missions; and providing testing grounds for future technology development that will inform the company’s commercial offerings. These customer engagements allow its engineers and data scientists to explore emerging data sources, data types, next-generation analytical approaches, and advanced AI/ML techniques that will continually improve the company’s products.


The company’s list of marquee customers where it has entrenched relationships include the Joint Staff, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and several other governmental and intelligence agencies.

Partners / Vendors

The company has strong relationships with technology vendors, such as Elastic, Confluent, KNIME, Qlik, and AWS. These partnerships allow the company to connect directly with existing customer APIs.

The company has also created a channel partner program (CPP) to bolster its relationships with key partners. There are 16 channel partners, including AWS, Microsoft, Elastic, Qlik, KNIME and FireEye. In addition to sharing technical training and discounts on customer implementations, these relationships serve as a sales enablement platform to pursue customer accounts collaboratively.


The company generally experiences seasonality in the timing of recognition of revenue as a result of the timing of the execution of its contracts, as the company has historically executed many of its contracts in the third and fourth quarters (year ended December 2020) due to the fiscal year ends and procurement cycles of its customers.


BigBear.ai Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2020.

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